Modern Physical Chemistry for Advanced Materials (MPC '14)



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Confirmed plenary and key-note lectures

Plenary lectures

Christian AMATORE (France) "Investigating single living cells with ultramicroelectrodes"
Masashi HOJO (Japan) "Dissolution of gold and platinum metal electrode by dilute nitric acid containing halide salts"
Vitaly KALCHENKO (Ukraine) "Calixarene receptors of environmentally hazardous and biorelevant species"
Yuriy KHOLIN (Ukraine) "Physico-chemical characteristics of a medium in the near-surface layer of hybrid silica-organic materials and their influence on adsorption equilibria"
Stepan KUCHMIY (Ukraine) "Extremely small metal-chalcogenide nanocrystals: synthesis, photonics, and applications"
Armand LATTES (France) "Molecular aggregation in polar non aqueous solvents: interfacial behaviour, micellization, and applications"
Nikolay MCHEDLOV-PETROSSYAN (Ukraine) "Xanthene compounds: unique tools for examining liquid media"
Vitaly PAVLISHCHUK (Ukraine) "New multifunctional materials based on molecular- and nano-magnetics"
Anatoliy POPOV (Ukraine) "Design of green organized solutions for decontamination"
Oleg PREZHDO (USA) "Excited state dynamics in nanoscale materials for solar energy harvesting"
Isabelle RICO-LATTES (France) "New "green" trends in galenic: ecodesign of amphiphilic compounds derivated from sugars"
Wolffram SCHROER (Germany) "Criticality of ionic solutions, ionic liquids and liquid metals"
Natalya VODOLAZKAYA (Ukraine)  "Protolytic equilibria in various organized solutions"
Alain WALCARIUS (France) "Electrogeneration of advanced sol-gel materials"

Key-note lectures

Edilson BENVENUTTI (Brazil) "Ionic silsesquioxanes: an inexhaustible source of new advanced hybrid materials"
Vladislav CHERANOVSKII (Ukraine) "Low-temperature thermodynamics of one-dimensional models for transition metal polymeric compounds"
Ihor FRITSKY (Ukraine) "Molecular grids and metallacrowns: novel families of discrete nanosized high-nuclear exchange clusters"
Alexander ISHCHENKO (Ukraine) "Solvatochromism and Solvatofluorochromism of Polymethine dyes"
Oleg KALUGIN (Ukraine) "Structure and Dynamics of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids and their Mixtures with Molecular Liquids"
Alexander KOROBOV (Ukraine) "Kolmogorov-Johnson-Mehl-Avrami approach in heterogenious chemical kinetics"
Dmitriy NERUKH (UK) "The dynamics of water and conformational transitions in proteins"
Roberto RIVELINO (Brazil) "Structure, thermodynamics and electronic properties of carbon nanostructures via atomistic simulations"
Sergey SHTYKOV (Russia) "Dilatometry of low energy liquid molecular assemblies"