V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

School of Chemistry

Materials Chemistry Department

Anton Panteleimonov

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Born: 1983, Donetsk region, Ukraine
Family status: married
Residence: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Citizenship: Ukraine
Affiliation: V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (KhNU),
Materials Chemistry Department (MCD)
Position: Since 2017 - Vice-Rector for Research and Education (KhNU)
2013-2017 - Academic Secretary of the University Research Division (KhNU)
2012-2013 - Postdoctoral fellow (1 year), University of Campinas, SP, Brazil
Since 2011 - Associate Professor, Senior Researcher (KhNU, MCD)
2009-2011 - Senior Lecturer, Researcher (KhNU, MCD)
2008-2009 - Assistant Professor, Researcher (KhNU, MCD)
2006-2008 - Engineer, Researcher (KhNU, MCD)
2003-2005 - Laboratory Assistant (KhNU, MCD)
Academic status: 2013 - Associate Professor
Degrees: 2009 - Ph. D. in analytical chemistry at the KhNU, advisor - Prof. Yuriy V. Kholin. Ph. D. Thesis: "New chemometrical tools for handling data of analytical experiment"
2005 - M. Sc. at the KhNU, advisor - Prof. Yuriy V. Kholin. M. Sc. Thesis: "Fuzzy sets theory for solving the tasks of detection and identification" - with honours
2004 - B. Sc. at the KhNU, advisor - Prof. Yuriy V. Kholin. B. Sc. Thesis: "Mathematical models of the probability distribution's functions in test analysis" - with honours
Education: 2005-2008 - Ph. D. student, KhNU, MCD
2004-2005 - M. Sc. student, KhNU, MCD
2000-2004 - B. Sc. student, KhNU, MCD
PhD Thesis Supervision: Oleg Tkachenko - Sorption and complexing equilibria at the surface of nitrogen containing weakly and strongly basic organo-silica anion exchangers (completed, 2016, KhNU)
Educational activity: Chemometrical methods in chemistry (M. Sc., lectures)
Informatics and informational technology (B. Sc., lectures and laboratory works)
Statistical and chemometrical methods in chemistry (B. Sc., lectures and laboratory works)
Ecotechnology (B. Sc., laboratory works)
Analytical chemistry (B. Sc., laboratory works)
Chemistry of high-molecular compounds (B. Sc., laboratory works)
Organic chemistry (B. Sc., laboratory works)
Advisor of the 5 M. Sc. and 11 B. Sc. Qualifying Works during 2008-2016
Language capabilities: English - intermediate (certified)
Russian and Ukrainian - native
Research interests: Data analysis in chemistry: chemometrics, fuzzy sets theory, cluster analysis, metrology of qualitative analysis
Organic chemistry: synthesis of a chemical modified silica
Analytical and Physical chemistry: surface probing, characterization of a chemical modified silica

61022, Kharkiv, Ukraine, Svoboda sq. 4
Office III-45, phone +380 57 707 51 26
fax +380 57 705 12 60
Lab VI-93, phone +380 57 707 51 43
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